Free Mega Games Pack

Online Edition

Free MGP is now an online Repository of games you can download, the games are compatible with Windows and WINE/Linux. With the Custom Games installer and the Games Launcher to categorize, show screen shots, descriptions and a direct link to the homepage, you will be finding out about the games before you even start them. The Launcher makes it simple enough to find and run games that your 4 year old will be happy to use it.

All the games in this pack are Open Sourced or Freeware, this means you can share this disk with anyone legally. All of the games have been tested to work with Ubuntu Linux with WINE, Windows XP and Windows 7 x64 but should work fine for any Microsoft XP and above Operating System. Many of the games are low end, so any PC from all ages and graphics can run them, the few included that require a higher end system only take up a little amount of disk space so you can install every one of the games and ignore the ones that do not work, without them using any system resources. Read More...

AppDisc Template


This is a ISO you can use to place apps you download from ssTek on to before you burn it to CD/DVD to take offline installs with you to install using ssWPI.

Basically, this .iso is a template with which you can easily build your own App Disc/Image.

You'll notice 3 folders on the root of the .iso:

  • ppAppsInstalls
  • ppGamesInstalls
  • ssAppsInstalls

You can populate these folders with any pp/ssApps (and ppGames) you wish to include (either in .apz form or in folder-form) and thus create your own, custom App Disc or Image. You can use ssWPI to install all the apps you'll include. ssWPI is ssTek tech's great app/game installer that lists all apps included in the above-mentioned folders and allows you to select (via selection boxes) the app/games you wish to install, after which you can just click "Start" and ssWPI will install all the apps/games you selected in one go.

Further, this .iso contains the ssTek Settings tool (Settings.exe) that allows you to change many system settings like username, folder view, location, ppApp/Game drive, services, file-type associations, and it includes many useful system tweaks and tools in an accessible and centralized manner. You can also customize the look of the included tools: Autorun.jpg is the image that is displayed in the Main Menu (AutoStart.exe); you can choose a ssWPI theme by editing the "Choice.ini" file; and you can customize the graphic in the Settings tool by changing the "SetBG.jpg" image. Note that you'll have to use images of the same size as the images that are included.

You can either open the .iso in an image software (such as UltraISO) and add apps/games through its interface, or you can extract the .iso with 7-zip and populate the app/game folders this way, and then afterwards create an .iso again using an image editor/creator.