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Lonnie M. Smith (The Freezer)

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Former engineer and IT-guy with an obsession to tinker, especially with RON's SetupS and ssWPI for practical everyday use.

John D. (bphlpt)

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After my career in hardware and software design, I was content to wander around the net for a long time just watching how things were evolving. I finally got the itch again to make something for myself and started paying more attention to how others were modding their OS and apps, and what tools they were using to do so. I found out about ssTek after seeing the early versions of LastXP, then finally running into Trouba and finding out there was actually a place where tools were being developed for the next generation of OS modding and app installation.

Once I got here I started trying out the tools and immediately had problems that no one else was having. They were little things, but were annoying to me since I wanted it to be perfect. Since I was the only one that they affected, and bigger things were being worked on that effected everyone, I was challenged to fix it myself. The more I looked at the code, the more I found that I would have done differently, so I started to play. I hadn't had as much fun in years. The more I did, the more I was encouraged and the more I learned. That has been the best thing about this group I have gotten involved with. Everyone is welcome here. If you have anything at all to contribute you are encouraged to do so and are given feedback and advice on how to do things better. You also can help others, and that itself is a gift to you. You can also just hang out and cut up. Bottom line, at ssTek you can get some great free tools, participate in their development if you like, learn some things, help others, and just relax and have a great time. What more could you want?


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Chris M. (c0d3z3r0)


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