New "DualArch-Installer" forms

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New "DualArch-Installer" forms

Postby The Freezer » Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:05 am

v8.12.9.0 (September 26, 2012) RC9
ADD: A new .app-file definition for <Architecture>: "3 (DualArch)". This will only apply to ppApps/ppGames, because of their unique capabilities. The default behavior for ppApps/ppGames with "DualArch-Installers" will now be exactly the same as that of ssApps -- they'll simply install the single-OSArch package of the target system. The default behavior is whenever <Architecture> is either omitted or set to "0 (Any)". Note: This will not greatly impact any existing ppApps. Those that are full dualArch only need to add "3 (DualArch)" under <Architecture> to maintain the original behavior; otherwise, the new default will be used instead.

I thought I'd give a better explanation of the above and go into greater detail for anyone who isn't sure where I'm going with this or what exactly it means; but is afraid to ask. :confused:

(For a little background, please read this posting from the "File-Naming Best Practices" thread.)

First, both types of "DualArch-Installer" ppApp packages are using the already established form of including both OSArch's under their respective subfolders ("_x86\" & "_x64\") -- all contained in the ppApp.7z archive -- and the shortcut flags for handling the respective OSArch's ("Is_x86" & "Is_x64"). For an example of such a form please see CCleaner_v3.25_ppApp.apz.

So to toggle between either type of "DualArch-Installer" ppApp package, one only needs to "Edit" the .app-file (or .apz-file) with ssEditor and simply select Architecture "Any" (for Type 2a) or "DualArch" (for Type 2b).

The first one, "Any" -- the default -- will merely install the single-OSArch package of the target system. To accomplish this, SetupS excludes installing the other OSArch package of the target system (i.e., the "_x86\" or "_x64\" subfolders). For example, if installing one of these packages on an x86 system, the "_x64\" subfolder will be missing. This is important in case any common files or folders are also included in the ppApp.7z archive. To get the other OSArch installed, one will need to boot into an OS of the other arch and re-install the ppApp from its original deployment package.

The last one, "DualArch" installs both OSArch packages regardless of the target system's OSArch. To establish shortcuts of the other OSArch, one will simply need to boot into an OS of the other arch and run Regenerator (or use SendTo SetupS on the ppApp's installed folder).

Of course the best way of absorbing all this is to experiment with CCleaner above and see for yourself how it all works. ;)
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