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Re: five_things_microsoft_should_fix_in_windows_8_to_prevent

Postby palulukon » Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:28 am

This reply made me laugh...

I have used Windows since its second release. To me, Metro is a cross between DOS and Windows 3. It's unattractive, clumsy, and forces useless icons in my face. I wouldn't raise it to the level of Vista. I use my computer for work. I use my tablet for work. Sure, I have leisure uses, but Windows 8 appears to be designed by Fisher Price. All that's missing is icons made of cylinders and spheres to represent people.

Using resources more efficiently (re T's reply in another thread) I'm still reading all sorts of things MS screwed up. 7 is working great for me...I don't need to go looking for headaches :mrgreen:

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