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Wepage Builder~

Postby palulukon » Sun Jul 01, 2012 4:02 pm

Hey guys, thought I'd never need this info but alas I'm building a spoof website and I've run the gamut of templates offered with free php sites. I've signed up for so damn many sites :roll: and what is this, can't find a blank template with tons of font choices (fonts big in my world). So I'm wanting to build my own and haven't saved any webpage softs bc thought it would never be needed. If anyone has information please shoot me a pm :geek:



ps...preferably one that is easy to learn :mrgreen:

update~I'm looking at CoffeeCup. What say you on learning curve ease?

update~bleh on CC and it's half sister Visual something. I've found an app I love...WYSIWYG Web Builder. Good tutorials, nice gui, intuitive. Just hope when it's all done it's really php and I can upload it. Might be back for a few more questions if hit a snag on uploading web page *hugs* ;)

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